About energy in an international company

This Friday the most important representatives of the power industry in Europe will meet in Warsaw. A participant of one of the panel discussions will be Mr. Janusz Bil, acting President of the Board of ENEA S.A.

VIII International Conference Power Ring 2012 - Energy Policy 2050 - is organised by the Public Board for Development of Low-Emission Economy. The intention of the participants is giving strategic directions to the decision makers on the power market in Europe. It is mainly about ensuring energy security and security of supplies and promotion of investments into the low-emission power industry.

During the conference a new report will be presented of the International Energy Agency. It is anticipated that Mr. Philipp Rösler, Vice Chancellor, Minister of Economy and Technology in Germany, will give a speech.

Janusz Bil will participate in the panel discussion titled "Directions for development of European energy market and consequences for the Polish economy (fossil fuels, gas, electric energy, heating, RES) – technologies, investments, market trends for the industry and end-users (deregulation of prices), experiences of other states".

The speakers will try to answer the question whether the power industry of the upcoming decade (2015-2025) will be a continued power industry or a breakthrough power industry.

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