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ELKO Trading changed its name to ENEA Trading

The change of the company name was registered in the National Court Register. The change of name from ELKO Trading to ENEA Trading is a result of a resolution adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company. On 17 September 2012 ENEA S.A. became the owner of 100 per cent of shares of ELKO Trading.

ENEA Trading trades in electricity, proprietary interests connected with electricity and emission allowances for the account of the ENEA Capital Group. At the same time it performs analytical functions and manages the portfolio of contacts on the wholesale market of electricity.

Having in mind the diverse and international nature of Enea SA's shareholding, and also the provisions of the Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies, Enea SA guarantees the availability of its website also in English. In case of any interpretation doubts and discrepancies between the Polish and English versions, the Polish version shall prevail.