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Changes in the composition of the Management Board of ENEA S.A.

Today the Supervisory Board has dismissed Mr. Maciej Owczarek who has held the function of the President of the Board of ENEA S.A. from the composition of the Board of ENEA S.A.  Till a new President is nominated the position will be held by the Vice-President of the Board for Commercial Affairs - Mr. Janusz Bil.

The decision was made in connection with the submission on 27 September 2007 by Mr. Maciej Owczarek of a notice of termination as of 27 September 2012 of the Service Agreement within management.

The Supervisory Board during the today's meeting vested the function of the President of the Board of ENEA S.A. to Mr. Janusz Bil till a new President of the Board of ENEA S.A. is nominated.

The President Janusz Bil has been holding the position of the Vice-President of the Board for Commercial Affiars of ENEA S.A. since 19 March 2012. He is a graduate of universities from Łódź - University of Technology and Łódź University. During 2007-2011 he was the Director for Market Regulation of Vattenfall Poland. At the same time, during 2007-2009, as a representative of minority shareholders (e.g. Vattenfall), he was a Member of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Power Exchange. During 2004-2007 Sales Director in Vattenfall Heat Poland, 2003-2004 Regulatory Director in RWE Polska. Since 2002 a Member of the Board, Marketing and Trade Director in Stoen S.A. During 1998-2002 he worked in the Energy Regulatory Office, formerly from 1995 he was connected with Zakład Energetyczny Łódź-Teren (currently PGE).

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