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ENEA executed a preliminary agreement for purchase of 100 per cent of shares of Windfarm Polska Sp. z o.o. finalising the construction of a 50 MW wind farm

ENEA S.A. executed a preliminary agreement with Equiventus Capital Sarl (Luxembourg) for purchase of 100 per cent of shares of Windfarm Polska Sp. z o.o. realising the project of construction of a 50 MW wind farm (with option of expansion to 60 MW).

The company is located in Bardy (Dygowo municipality, Kolobrzeg poviat, The Zachodniopomorskie Province) on a highly windy area. It consists of twenty five Vestas turbines of 2 MW power each. The farm will generate around 150,000 MWh green energy annually. Completion of the construction and commissioning of the farm is anticipated for the end of February 2012.

-Signing of the preliminary agreement is a big step towards extension of generating capacities from renewable energy sources in the ENEA Group. For a longer time we have been focused on projects which may ensure successful realisation of the development strategy within ERS – says Maciej Owczarek, President of the Board of ENEA S.A.

The present generating capacities in RES of the ENEA Group amount to 2.1 MW for Biogas Power Plant in Liszkowo, 6 MW for the wind farm in Darzyno and 60.26 MW for water turbine plants.

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