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ENEA releases Investor Relations application for Android

This is the first in Poland IR application for the Android system. In July 2011 ENEA S.A. provided its shareholders with an instant access to information using applications for iPhone and iPad.

The ENEA IR application for Android possesses unique functionalities for mobile devices, among others service of multitouch on diagrams – a user may see the difference in prices between any dates or check total volume. Additionally, it contains notifications on latest news from the Company and offers a possibility of a continuous monitoring of the price of Company’s shares – through notifications (visible on the top menu) and a widget which may be localised on a phone desktop. Thanks to news marked on diagrams it easy to analyse their impact on the shares price performance. The application is integrated with social media and enables networking of information on the Company on popular social portals: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

The application was realised by Twiglabs specialising in dedicated mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms and in creation of mobile web pages.

Having in mind the diverse and international nature of Enea SA's shareholding, and also the provisions of the Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies, Enea SA guarantees the availability of its website also in English. In case of any interpretation doubts and discrepancies between the Polish and English versions, the Polish version shall prevail.