Responsible Development Plan for Poland and development of the national energy policy. Enea will significantly increase its shares in particular market segments and focus on the development of new, innovative business lines and technologies.

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In order to build a lasting competitive advantage Enea defined 15 strategic goals within four perspectives:

Owner’s perspective

  • Durable relations with Customers, systematically decreasing costs of Customer obtaining and keeping
  • Large, controlled share in selected market segments
  • Maintenance of Enea CG’s financial security
  • High mark-ups on package services and products
  • Innovativeness in all the aspects of Enea CG’s operations


Customer’s perspective

  • Ability to satisfy comprehensive needs - expressed or not
  • Delivery of what is needed (not only that which was ordered) in due time
  • Attractive price-quality relation of offered packages of products and services
  • Low purchase cost, support in financing purchases from Enea CG’s offer
  • Sense of being “well cared for” by an ethical, reliable and innovative supplier

Process perspective

  • Generation of an optimum product and services mix for well-identified Customers in cooperation with business partners
  • Reaching Customers efficiently and providing promised values on time, at adequate price and quality
  • Efficient, integrated management of flexible, open competence groups in clearly defined business lines, in the preferred role of Business Operators on entrusted assets

Development perspective

  • Designing and implementation of the process of shaping a modern organisational governance on all the levels in the whole Enea CG
  • Balanced investments in intangible and tangible assets

Five key guidelines for strategic initiatives

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Key ratios of Enea CG until 2025

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Enea’s goal is generating additional EBITDA from the development of new, innovative business lines The Group anticipates that until 2025, 5-10% of EBITDA will be new segments of operations.

Innovative products, services and business lines of Enea CG

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Estimated capital expenditures of Enea CG during 2016-2030 [PLN mln, current prices]




Mining 3 712 2 080
Distribution 9 501 5 193
Generation 4 808 504
Other 403 153
CAPEX potential* 6 176 5 320
Increasing the investments potential 3 200 2 500
Enea CG Total
27 800

15 750

                                                                 * CAPEX potential maintaining the net/EBITDA ratio on a safe level

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