Piotr Kossak


Date of appointment: 15 January 2016

Piotr Kossak runs a legal practice in his own Law Firm of the Legal Counsel in Sandomierz specialising in reprivatisation issues, foundation and association law and companies law. During 2010-2012 he was connected with the University of Human and Life Sciences in Sandomierz - as a research associate and dean on the Faculty of Law and Administration.

Piotr Kossak is a PhD of legal sciences within law. He received this degree at the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of Catholic University of Lublin in Lublin. He completed the court training in the district of the Regional Court in Tarnobrzeg and passed the judicial exam in the Court of Appeal in Rzeszów in 1999. In 2006 he was entered into the list of legal counsels in the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Kraków, and in 2009 he was entered into the list of barristers of the District Bar Council in Kielce. Piotr Kossak satisfies the independence criteria for members of the Supervisory Board.


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