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Łukasz Ciołko

Date of appointment: 16 September 2022

Mr. Łukasz Ciołko graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. He also completed postgraduate studies in public administration management at the Kozminski University in Warsaw.

He obtained the right to discharge the function of a supervisory board member in companies with State Treasury shareholding by passing an examination for candidates for supervisory board members before an examination committee appointed by the minister in charge of state assets.

He embarked on his managerial career by running his own business. Since 2015, he has served in public administration roles. He was a board member of the Ursynów District in Warsaw and deputy director of the Department of Intellectual Property and Media at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and he currently serves as deputy director of the Department of Fuel and Power Companies at the Ministry of State Assets. He regularly improves his professional competences by participating in numerous training courses on corporate finance, law and management.

In his current official role, he deals with the exercise of ownership rights in companies with State Treasury shareholding and with coordination of the transition process of Poland's power sector.

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