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Radosław Kwaśnicki

Date of appointment: 10 March 2022

Mr. Radosław Kwaśnicki holds the academic title of a doctor of legal sciences and the professional qualifications of a legal counsel. He serves as a

Mr. Radosław Kwaśnicki holds the academic title of a doctor of legal sciences and the professional qualifications of a legal counsel. He serves as a Senior Partner at the law firm RKKW – KWAŚNICKI, WRÓBEL & Partnerzy, which he founded in 2008. Prior to that, starting in 2001, he cooperated with domestic and international law firms.

He is an expert in company law, including corporate governance and corporate group law. He also specializes in disputes related to ownership issues, the capital market and he professionally serves in the capacity of chairman of general meetings in various companies. He advises on a variety of aspects pertaining to the creation and growth of family businesses (by establishing the rules of family governance, management and protection of private property) and high-net-worth individuals.

He is a judge of the Stock Exchange Court at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

He also serves as a national and international arbitrator (including for the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Confederation Lewiatan and the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Bank Association). He adjudicated in the International Court of Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris.

He has often been recommended, both on the domestic and international arena, including by the Rzeczpospolita daily in the Ranking of Law Firm (2021) in the “Company and commercial law” category (as in 2020) and earlier by the Global Law Experts, the European Legal Experts and Legal 500.

In 2014, he was ranked first in the Forbes Professionals contest.

He has acquired more than a dozen years of practical experience in discharging the function of a member or chairman of supervisory boards of domestic and international companies. In particular, in 2014-2019, he served as a member and then vice-chairman of the supervisory board of PKN ORLEN. Prior to that, he chaired the supervisory board of the Industrial Development Agency, sat on the supervisory boards of PGE Group companies, the supervisory board of PKP and of a number of companies with a majority stake held by private entities. Currently, he is an independent supervisory board member in public companies, including Sanok Rubber Company (designated by a foreign fund) and Creotech Instruments (as the supervisory board chairman).

He served as the Leader of the Team for Improving the Performance of Supervisory Boards and the Content Coordinator of the Corporate Governance Committee at the Ministry of State Assets. His work included the co-authorship of the so-called COVID Amendment to the Commercial Company Code of 2020 in the area of remote supervisory board meetings, management board meetings and e-shareholder meetings as well as a draft of the so-called Major Amendment to the Commercial Company Code of 2022 regarding, without limitation, corporate group law (“holding company law”) and improvements in the performance of supervisory boards.

He co-authored various textbooks, commentaries and publications on practical aspects of commercial law. He has issued over 600 publications, most of which concerned various aspects of company law.

He is involved in a variety of socially beneficial endeavors, including in the fields of culture and art. He has founded and cooperates with the Nova Ars Poloniae Foundation to support Polish artists. He served as the General Coordinator of the “We are together. We help” campaign, which during the first stage of the coronavirus pandemic coordinated the activities of more than 70 private companies in providing aid of a total value of over PLN 50 million.

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