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Mirosław Kowalik

Mirosław Kowalik.jpg

Date of appointment: 21 May 2019

Mr Mirosław Kowalik has been connected with the power sector for over 20 years, holding managerial positions on the operating and strategic level. In 2015, he managed SNC Lavalin Sp. z o.o. Polska as Vice-President of the Board and Business Development Director. During 1999-2015, he held various managerial positions for ALSTOM Power Group, lastly as Marketing and Sales Director. During 1995–1998, he was connected with ABB. Mr Mirosław Kowalik is a graduate of the Faculty of Energy Engineering of the Gdynia Maritime University. He attended an MBA course (Rotterdam School of Management programme in cooperation with the University of Gdańsk and Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development), graduating with the degree of Executive Master of Business Administration. He also completed Postgraduate Studies of Corporate Finance Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. He has also completed many specialist product and management training courses, including most recently four-year part-time doctoral studies and two-year postgraduate Executive Doctor of Business Administration studies at the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Since 2016, he has served as President of the Board of ENEA S.A.

Scope of competence: Coordination of tasks related to the overall operations of the Company and Enea Capital Group.

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