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Piotr Adamczak

Piotr Adamczak.jpg

Date of appointment: 21 May 2019

Mr Piotr Adamczak has been connected with the power sector for over 25 years. He commenced his professional career in Zakład Energetyczny Poznań. He managed the Market Organisation Department in EnergoPartner Wielkopolska. During 2002-2011, he worked in Energetyka Poznańska and, after the consolidation, in Grupa Energetyczna ENEA S.A., on the positions of the Office Manager, Division Manager and Department Director, he dealt with the centralisation and realisation of tasks within the wholesale trade in electricity, duties of a commercial and technical coordinator, commercial coordinator, and also commercial cooperation with RES. From 2011, he worked as Office Manager, and from 2013 as Trading Department Director in ENEA Trading, where he dealt with commercial activities on electricity markets, property rights to certificates of origin, emission allowances and commercial cooperation with RES for the account of ENEA Group companies. Mr Piotr Adamczak is a graduate of the Poznań University of Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He also completed Postgraduate Studies in Economic Problems of Power Sector Transformation at the Warsaw School of Economics, and Postgraduate Studies in Electricity Trade Management at the Poznań University of Commerce and Services. Since 2016, he has served as Vice-President of the Management Board of ENEA S.A. for Commercial Affairs. Since 2017, he has been President of the Executive Board of the Association of Energy Trading.

Scope of competence: Supervision and coordination of the overall tasks related to trade and customer service.

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